Submission of Results

Submission Data Format

Please submit your results as follows:

  • along with your credentials, please provide a URL address to a ZIP file with your results (perhaps stored in some cloud service);
  • the ZIP file should be named with your surname + .zip extension;
  • the results of edge detection have to be in PNG format with names derived from original file names by replacing "d" with "s", e.g. the edges of the original file name d1-0001.png should be named s1-0001.png;
  • edges have to be identified with pixels of white color (#FFFFFF), non-edges with pixels of black color (#000000) -- that is, the solution has to be a set of black/white images;
  • together with PNG files, the ZIP file must contain a PDF file describing your methodology.

Submission form

Corresponding Author

(Other author names can be specified in the PDF file describing the method.)

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