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20th Czech-Japan Seminar on Data Analysis and Decision Making

Pardubice, September 17 - 20, 2017




Pardubice is the 10th biggest city in the Czech Republic according to the number of population which sums up to 90thousand. It is a statutory and university city situated on the river Elbe in Eastern Bohemia at the distance 120km from Prague. The history of the city dates to the 13th century and the very well prserved city centre provides tourist with lots of houses, churches and other sights dating back to the 16th century, and also the Pardubice Castle, a unique construction combining elements of a fortified castle and a Renaissance chateau.

Hotel Zlata Stika

The whole Seminar will take place in Hotel Zlata Stika which is situated at a silent part of Pardubice, just a 5-minute walk from the historic heart of the city.


The thing that no participant should be scared of, is the transportation. We will be in contact with every single participant and each participant will be provied with the transportation support. Either by consulting the options and getting hints and advices or by being directly picked up and transported. The support will be maintained individually based on your arrival hours and means for transport.

Reaching the venue of the conference by car is as easy as setting up the following GPS address to your navigation system: 50.0393164N, 15.7840156E. You may reach Pardubice from several directions. Most likely, you go from Prague. Then use high-speed motorway D11 towards Hradec Kralove (map). It takes you about 90 min.

  • Prague airport - Prague airport is well connected to the whole Europe. It is very easy to get from Prague to Pardubice by train as there are three railway companies competing for passengers on this track.

  • Vienna airport - Vienna is not as perfectly connected with Pardubice as Prague, however, there are several direct trains every day.

Pardubice has a direct train connection from all big cities in Czech Republic. Probably most frequently, you will come from Prague using a train. Train connection between Prague and Pardubice is maintained by three companies, by public Czech Railways and by private Student agency (RegioJet - yellow trains) and by private Leo Express (black trains). The frequency of the connection is 2-4 times each hour and the travel time is approximately 1 hour. The prices differ based on the company and the used class from 3EUR to 17EUR and especially the choice of the private companies offers you 1st class tickets for say 8EUR including some refreshment for free. The connection may be found (and the ticket online bought) via this server.