Rules of the competition

  • Each contestant (team) may be formed by at most 6 authors;
  • each contestant (team) may submit up to 3 submissions;
  • each submission of the same contestant (team) has to be generated by a different method/model, not only by a different parameter setting of the same method/model;
  • each submisssion has to be provided in a given CSV template;
  • each submission has to be accompanied by a short description of the method (at least 3 pages 12pt A4 paper) -- this rule does not apply to contestants, who submit their papers to the IJCNN-13 ACIATSF special session of the IEEE WCCI 2016 conference;
  • any attempt to cheat the competition will result into a disqualification from the competition and will be reported to the conference organizers and published on the CIF web page;
  • the organizers reserve the right to exclude a contestant or a submission from the competition in case it will not be viewed as a CI method -- in this case, the results will be still published but will be treated as a benchmark serving for a comparison with contestants;
  • based on the previous item, non-CI submission are also welcome as valid benchmarks, especially companies producing SW for time series forecasts may submit their results in order ot provide competition with valuable information on the quality of contestant results and also in order to get a feedback about their SW forecasting power;
  • contestants (teams) with at least one co-author who is a member of any of the three department/institutes co-organizing the competition are excluded from the competition -- their submission are again welcome as valid benchmarks providing the competitors and organizers with a valuable information about the relative quality of the submitted forecasts however, only as a benchmark;
  • if a contestants submits the best forecasts among all and does not participate on IEEE WCCI 2016 conference, he/she will still be announced as the winner and his victory will be also published on this web-sites;
  • there is no legal claim on participation in the competition or on victory in the competition.

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