Conference Place and Venue

Conference Venue - Kočovce

ISCAMI 2015 will be held in a small village Kočovce near Nové Mesto nad Váhom in Slovak Republic. The village of Kočovce is situated in the Váh river valley, between the White Carpathian and Považský Inovec mountain range. The village consists of 3 parts: Kočovce, Beckovská Vieska and Rakoľuby, united into one village in 1960. The oldest part is Rakoľuby, mentioned in 1262 for the first time. The village has about 1350 inhabitants now, employed in the industry and agriculture in surrounding towns. There are few historical sites in the village. The Late Renaissance manor house was built in 1650. The Baroque manor-house is the most beautiful building in Kočovce. It was built in 1730 with a contiguous park, rich in several kinds of rare trees. Since 1967 the manor-house is in the usage of Faculty of Civil Engineering STU in Bratislava and serves as a teaching and training facility with the possibility of the organization of conferences, seminars or teaching students. Now it is the conference venue for ISCAMI 2015.


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Travel information

The most convenient (recommended) connection to the conference place is the following:
  1. Get the train to Nové Mesto nad Váhom,
  2. There from train station walk to bus station (they are very close),
  3. Get the bus to Kočovce (from platform number 11), see the details bellow.

Bus from bus station (near the train station) of Nové Mesto n.Váhom to Kočovce (conference venue) departures are at: 10:10, 11:20, 12:20, 13:20, 13:40, 14:28, 15:40, 16:15, 17:15, 18:20. It will take approximately 18 minutes and starts from platform 11. For more information see: .

Price of the bus is 0,80 Eur and is paid to the bus driver in the bus.
Bus stops are in following order:
  • Nové Mesto n.V., ž MHD - near the railway station of Nové Mesto n.Váhom
  • Nové Mesto n.V., Palma
  • Nové Mesto n.V., rázc.
  • Nové Mesto n.V., mosty
  • Nové Mesto n.V., Zelená voda
  • Kočovce, Rakoľuby, HELLA
  • Kočovce, Rakoľuby
  • Kočovce, Beckovská Vieska, rázc.
  • Kočovce, Beckovská Vieska, Štvrte
  • Kočovce,obec - near the conference venue

You can also take a TAXI from train station. The price is 8 Eur and ask for Kaštieľ – Kočovce. The contact for Taxi is: +421 902 666 222.