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Conference Place and Venue

Conference Venue - Litomyšl

Litomyšl is a magical small city situated in Eastern Bohemia with a monumental Renaissance castle dating from the years 1568 - 1581. The city is also the birthplace of the Czech national composer, Bedřich Smetana. The cultural traditions of the town go much beyond regional and national frontiers.

Litomyšl came to public notice in a political context as well: in 1994 the meeting of the seven Central European presidents took place at the castle, and in 1995 the Spanish royal couple visited the town. The chateau complex was included in the UNESCO List of cultural monuments 1999. Litomysl was awarded “Historical Town of the year 2000”.

The 1st place in the public inquiry "Most attractive place in the Czech republic in 2008" of the magazine Travel in the Czech Republic is the last aproval certifying that Litomyšl is the right choice for the upcoming Czech-japan seminar.
The conference will take place in Europe Training Center Litomyšl. For visiting the website of the hotel follow the link

Travel Information:

By train and/or by bus
Litomyšl does not lie on the main railroad but there is a rail reaching the citz. Therefore, there is a possibility to get to Litomyšl from Prague by train with interchangeable places Choceň and Vysoké Mýto. Alternatively, one can take a train to Pardubice or Choceň (both cities are on the main railroad and have frequent direct connections with Prague) and then to take a direct bus to Litomyšl. It is also possible to take a direct bus from Prague to Hradec Králové and then to take another from Hradec Králové directly to Litomyšl. Finally, there is a frequent direct connection from Prague to Česká Třebová which lies right besides Litomyšl and from where you can take a direct bus to the conference venue.
For particular connections, visit the IDOS web page.

The Organizing committee will be helpful with the transport of participants from the Choceň, Vysoké Mýto or Česká Třebová railway (or bus) stations by cars. Previous email contact with precise arrival time is necessary.  

By car
Another possibility how to reach the conference venue is to use a car. If you travel from Prague, use a highway (speed limit 130 kmph) number D11 (or also marked as E67), which goes to Hradec Králové. There, follow the sings to Ostrava or Olomouc, they should guide you to an ordinary 1st class road (speed limit 90 kmph) number 35 (or also marked as E442) through Holice and Vysoké Mýto to Litomyšl.
If you travel from south (e.g. Vienna) or east (Ostrava) then you have to get to Olomouc which is accessible by a highweay and then to continute following the signs to Hradec Králové on the road number 35 which is from Olomouc to Mohelnice marked as a motorway (speed limit 130kmph). From Mohelnice, still keep the number 35 signed to Hradec Králové (an ordinary 1st class road from this point) through Moravská Třebová and directly to Litomyšl.
Some information about Czech highways including maps can be found here.

GPS: 49°52'22.607"N, 16°18'49.394"E



To see the map on server follow this link.