Diploma for the winners

We are proud to announce that the winner of the Computational Intelligence in Forecasting Competition is the team that competed with a method called Combination of Fuzzy and Exponential Models and whose members are: Anton Romanov, Mikhail Artyukhov, Nadezhda Yarushkina, Gleb Gusakov, Irina Timina and Tatjana Afanasjeva.


The organizers would like to express gratitude to all competitors for their work, honor and courage to face the independent comparison and for their thirst for truth and knowledge.

All the competitors are winners and deserve maximal respect!

A detailed analysis of the results may be found in the following paper:

M. Stepnicka, M. Burda. Computational Intelligence in Forecasting - The Results of the Time Series Forecasting Competition. Proc. FUZZ-IEEE 2015. IEEE, 2015. [2015].

2014 IRAFM